Risk $100 to Potentially Make $1,000,000!

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Appsfunder excels at finding exceptional apps and startup and early stage digital companies that have the potential to produce “generational wealth building” potential.  For apps and startups to be added to our premium portfolio they must have the potential to exponentially increase in value within less than five years. Appsfunder’s goal is to find and fund the best of the 2 million new apps that are under development and which will hit the apps stores by 2020.

Risk $100 on an app to potentially make $1 million (2 min):

Build a diversified startups portfolio

One successful startup can create dynasty wealth

  • Risk an equal amount into each startup
  • Invest over time and at your own pace

Go at your own pace to build a portfolio consisting of startups and early stage companies with an equal amount in each one. You do not have to invest all at once and can instead invest over time. One successful startup can put you on a path to creating generational wealth.

The number of new apps in the app store will grow by approximately two million from the end of 2016 through 2020. The opportunities to invest into apps that create dynasty wealth will be abundant.

As of June 1, 2017, a hundred bucks invested into the seed rounds of Airbnb (2009), Uber (2010) and Snapchat (2012) was valued for $2 million, $1.25 million and $240,000 respectively.

Appsfunder’s specialty is to identify apps and other digital investing opportunities for its members which have the potential to multiply in value.

Videos Covering Our Most Recent Startups

The next billion dollar app is Jinglz. 5 Million Digital Advertisers (5 min):

“$1.00 Share Offering (minimum $100)”

StartEngine’s new Secondary Market is a boon for shareholders of 1.4 million new apps due by 2020 (5 min):

“$5.00 Share Offering (minimum $500)”

Statements made by Appsfunder  pertaining to returns made from investing in Airbnb, UBER and Snapchat are not indicative of a TRACK RECORD. They are examples for educational purposes only.

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